Tom is a 30-something Mancunian author, music obsessive and part-time explorer with an inexplicable fixation on Amy Lee from Evanescence. Citing heroes as diverse as Buster Keaton, Liam Gallagher and Patrick McGoohan (aka The Prisoner), Tom has spent his career to date emulating none of them, instead choosing to work as a self-employed copywriter and marketing consultant while secretly dreaming of going to the moon. Tom is happiest when he’s out watching live music, following Liverpool FC or thinking about his hair...

A songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Tom has released two albums with his band Silent Alliance, who are passably big in Japan. Tom lives in North London with his feline companion, Mr Kitten.

If you'd like to contact Tom to discuss, compliment or criticise his work, or if you wish to talk to him about something else entirely, you can do so via the form below. Tom endeavours to respond to all messages, however brutal or misguided.

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